EMRAX electric motors / generators represent a line of lightweight, compact, powerful, lower speed axial flux electric motors / generators. They can be used for various applications – from electric bikes to electric buses. Besides, motors can be used for marine, airplane and VTOL applications.

The biggest model EMRAX 348, can produce up to 420 kW boost power and 1000 Nm of peak torque at 4500 RPM and only 42 kg, which means that it has power density 10 kW/kg. Two motors can also be stacked together as EMRAX TWIN, therefore the power and torque are doubled.

Each EMRAX motor is a customized product made through the standardized production process.  The standardized production process enables us to assembly the customized motor in a short time, as a result the delivery time is similar to “off-the-shelf” motors.

EMRAX motors advantages against other axial flux motors:
– are customized in very short time
– have best power density, which is up to 10 kW/kg
– have best power efficiency, which is up to 98%

– have compact and durable design
– can be stacked together to achieve doubled power / torque
– can be used with several controllers (according to our recommendations)
– have very broad spectrum of use, including main traction motors, hybrid powertrains, range-extenders, generators for wind / water turbines, integrated starter generators, hydraulic motor replacement, robotics etc.
– can achieve high power even at very low rotation speeds due to very high torque, which allows a gearless drive

*Two same sized EMRAX motors can be stacked together, this means that the power / torque are doubled. Click here for more info.