EMRAX motors / generators with its compact design, low weight and high ingress protection are very suitable for usage in electric and hybrid cars. They can be integrated easily within a new or existing powertrain, drivetrain or differential. It is possible that they are mounted in-wheel. We can also develop a customized motor for high volume automotive applications. EMRAX motor is proving to be the optimal electric motor choice for automotive OEMs and conversion specialists.

  • Formula Student Teams

Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Technical University Ingolstadt, Germany

University Bayreuth, Germany

Kingston University London, United Kingdom

Kansas University, USA

Other formula student teams that use EMRAX motors:

  • Cars

EcoCAR University of Washinghton, USA

SergioDurante rallycross car, Italy

Other car companies that use EMRAX motors:


Buckeye Current motorbike – Ohio State University, USA

Custom North motorbike, Slovenia

Maico Fahrzeuge motocross bikes, Germany

Stiching Storm motorbike, Netherlands

Tehnische Universitat Munchen, Germany

Other motorbike companies that use EMRAX motors:

  • Trucks