Type: Axial flux motor / generator
Casing diameter: 348 mm
Axial length: 107 mm
Dry mass: 43,1 kg (AC) / 43,5 kg (CC) / 43,9 kg (LC)
Stator cooling: air (IP21) / combined (IP21) / liquid (IP65)
Mounting: Front: 6x M10 threaded holes
Back: 10x M8 threaded holes
Stacking: Two motors can be stacked together to achieve doubled power / torque. For more info click here.
Maximal battery voltage: 800 (HV) / 800 (MV) / 480 Vdc (LV)
Peak power
(at 4500 RPM):
400 kW
Continuous power*: up to 210 kW
Peak torque: 1000 Nm
Continuous torque*: up to 500 Nm
Efficiency: 92-98%

*Subject to drive cycle, thermal conditions and controller capability.

EMRAX 348 Technical Data

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