2005 – Roman Susnik was the first in Slovenia and among the first in the world that flew electric. He used a brush motor for the propulsion, which proved to be unreliable since it failed during the flight, therefore Roman had to make an emergency landing. At that time there was no electric motor that, was lightweight and suitable for direct drive application, therefore he decided to develop it by himself.

2005-2008 – Development of the first prototype of an EMRAX engine was made. Roman’s practical knowledge in building machinery and cooling systems was incorporated in the first electric motor prototype. He has made also radial flux machines, but the axial flux turned out to be far more superior.

2008 – The first flight with EMRAX engine was made.

2008-2014 – Attendance at fairs and other meetings showed a strong interest in the EMRAX engine, therefore Roman decided to produce some more engines, including for company Pipistrel. In 2010 the motor was laboratory tested at company Piktronik, in 2012 in Siemens GmbH and in 2014 in Mahle Electric drives Slovenia d.o.o.

2014-2018 – Technology development. Production of small batches. ENSTROJ s.p. business entity changed to EMRAX d.o.o.

2018-2020 – Preparation for standardized serial production. We adapted technological process and other processes in the company. We introduced the quality system.

2020-2023 – Obtaining quality standards – ISO 9001: 2015, standards for the automotive and aerospace industries. Creating a global marketing network.