EMRAX motors / generators were developed for airplane industry. In 2008 the first EMRAX prototype was mounted on the airplane and test flight was done. Our motors have high fault tolerant characteristics and are very reliable. A great advantage is that they have the best in-class power density, which is up to 9 kW per kg. They can be air cooled, which means that there is no need for a liquid pump, which would make the propulsion system heavier and costs higher. EMRAX motors / generators are already used in several aerospace applications.

  • EMRAX d.o.o. Apis EA2 electric glider plane
  • Pipistrel d.o.o. Electric Taurus two seater glider plane
  • Alexander Schleicher GmbH glider plane
  • DG Flugzeugbau GmbH glider plane
  • Binder Flugmotoren & Flugzeugbau GmbH glider plane
  • Solar Flight
  • Axter Aerospace airplane
  • Eurosportaircraft airplane
  • Efesto airplane propulsion system

Other aviation & airspace companies that use EMRAX motors: