• It is a device for quick and easy assembly of a glider plane.
  • Assembly can be done by only one person in 15 minutes from arrival to the airfield till preparation for the flight.
  • Sold from 2006 (prototype was tested on Apis glider plane).
  • Tested on bigger glider planes – Duo Discus.


  • Remote controlled
  • Compact and high-quality product
  • Galvanized iron construction and fibreglass cradle
  • It can be used on the grass (even higher grass)
  • Lifting weight is 150 kg (tested on Duo Discus, ASH etc.)
  • It has 19 kg – it is easy to move and to handle
  • It can be simply and quickly disassembled into smaller parts (convenient for putting the Rigging Aid in the underneath compartment of the trailer or in the car boot)
  • It can be used for most of one and two seaters’ glider planes
Wing Geometry
Manually adjustable parts:
Cradle vertical cradle position from 62 to 100 cm (also useable for planes that have wings on higher position)
horizontal cradle position – 3 positions spaced 80 mm (for different gravity centre of the wing)
adjustable screws for wing curvature
Wing Clamp telescopic adjustments to different chord length and thickness of the wing
Horizontal tilt limiter on the vertical iron bar allows the cradle to stop at desired wing angle


Remote controlled parts:
Cradle vertical cradle position adjustments up to 24 cm
horizontal cradle position adjustments up to 24 cm

* Special customizations can be made – for example customized wing clamp for wings with longer chord line (up to 120 cm). Customizations should be discussed before placing an order by EMRAX Company.


User’s Manual for One Man Rigging Aid, Version 1.1

Videos of One Man Rigging Aid:

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